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Hide 'n' Thief
2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Children's Game Memory
Roll / Spin and Move Memory Pick-up and Deliver

Be the first player to find two moneybags, put them into a truck, and reach the bank without being robbed! Players take turns hiding their moneybags under their colored houses. Then roll the dice to move your van, and peek under any of the other players' houses -- find a bag of loot and add it to your van! But if you find a thief instead, you lose the loot you've already collected (which is hidden again by its owner) and return to your start space. Fill your van with two bags, and head toward the Bank -- but if you land next to a house, you MUST look under it. A third bag of loot won't help you, but a thief can turn your big lead into a bust. Components: 20 houses, 4 trucks, 8 moneybags, 4 thieves, two six-sided dice, one gameboard.

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