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Pie Face
2 - 4 players
average 15 minutes
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Children's Game Memory

From the rulebook: "Billy Blueberry, Annie Apple, Jerry Cherry, and Peach Melba are having a pie-eating contest, and you're feeding them. You want to be the first player to fill your character's mouth with three pieces of his or her favorite pie!" The board for this game is built into the box and it uses a cardboard backdrop to depict the 4 pie eaters with their mouths open. Pie pieces (3 of each flavor) are mixed and inserted into box slots to form a pie and hide the flavors. On your turn you draw a pie piece from a slot. If it is the flavor that your character likes, you insert the slice into character's mouth. If it's another player's flavor, you return to the pie. If you draw the Dirty Sock pie piece, you return it and one of your own slices to the pie. The first player to fill their character's mouth with all three of its matching pie pieces wins.

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