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Bringing Down the House
2 - 8 players
average 30 minutes
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Dice Party Game
Dice Rolling

Takes the basic idea of Bunco and adds a house building element. Players roll special dice, then build parts of their house if the correct symbols were drawn. Roll dice that did not allow you to build and you must pass the dice to the next player or set of players. Roll 3 of a kind and you must start over. From the manufacturer's website - Bringing Down the House™ The Groundbreaking Dice Rolling Game Choose your partner, grab the dice and get ready to roll! Bringing Down the House will have everyone shaking in their seats. Compete against the other players to roll the right combination of dice, at just the right time, to build your house. Roll 3 of a kind and the Foundation will shake and you must start over. Finish first and ring the bell to win!

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