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2 - 4 players
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Roll / Spin and Move

From the box: The bones have been uncovered. Time to build the dinosaur. Race around board collecting bones to build the dinosaur puzzle. Every time you place a bone you receive a score equal to the total number of bones played. Hang on to your bones for a higher score, but in doing so you risk losing them to another player who is hot on your heels. 1 to 4 players represented by a dinosaur pawn. There are 14 bones spaces with matching bones and scoring markers from 1 to 14. When it is your turn you roll a die and move in the direction your pawn is facing. Depending on the space you land you can take a different action. - Find bone can pick up a bone on the space, At the beginning of the turn, can play a bone for the next number score marker. You do not have to play a bone you have, can keep for future play. - Bonus space – can play a bone for the next number marked and pick up a bonus marker worth 5 points. - Lose bone – replace on map in the matching space - Go to any bone change direction - If you land on another players marker you may take one of his bones he has not played into the puzzle. When all bones have been played sum all scoring and bonus markers for high score.

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