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The Ungame: Christian Version
2 - 8 players
average 60 minutes
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Card Game Religious Educational

This is a Christian version to the original Ungame. This set has cards that are specifically oriented to the self-expression of faith and beliefs centered around Christianity. There are two decks in the game and in this set there are over 140 topics that are covered. The first deck contains lighthearted topics that are great for casual get-togethers. The second deck contains more serious topics and should be used after a group has become familiar with sharing through the first deck. The game is played by simply each person taking turns drawing a card and answering a question. The person reads the card aloud and then answers it in two or three sentences. There are no comments aloud at that time. There are specific Question-Comment cards that allows a person to ask a question of somebody in the group, any question, or make a comment on any subject. The game's aim is to spend quality time together, improve listening, promote fairness, and experience freedom expressing ones self.

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