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Frankenstein's Children
2 - 3 players
average 60 minutes
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Horror Novel-based
Dice Rolling Action Point Allowance System

FRANKENSTEIN'S CHILDREN is the second in Human Head Studios' GOTHICA line of tactical, horror-themed board games. In it, Vincent Frankenstein and Marion Shelly are brilliant scientists who become bitter rivals when their love turns sour. Within the confines of the infernal estate, the scientists wield weapons of strange science and control unholy abominations. The ex-lovers and their henchmen seek to overthrow each other and claim the throne of the mad doctor. Outside, the denizens of the surrounding village, hearing news of the workings of the Frankenstein brood, have taken up torch and tool and surrounded the grounds. Fearing what is happening within its chambers, the villagers will struggle to destroy the progeny of Frankenstein and bring the very walls of the castle down! The game includes: 20 Floor Tiles 34 Character Tokens 34 Action Cards 8 six-sided dice 6 doors 42 Black plastic stands 32 Counters 3 Dice Screens with Wheels and Quick Reference Charts 32-page Rulebook

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