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Strata 5
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Abstract Strategy
Route/Network Building

The Strata 5 challenge is to build and scale a structure that's 5 levels or 5 strata high. To do so, you must move your pawns and position building block playing pieces…and you must do both of these actions on every turn. As you and your opponent position blocks, move your pawns up the levels searching for the fastest way to the 5th strata. On each turn, you must move two pawns and position one block. If you climb with caution and construct with cunning, you'll move one of your pawns onto the tip-top strata first and win the game. When moving and building, try to trap the enemy pawns inside the structure, blockade them so they cannot move, or capture them and move them as your own. Strata 5 enforces strict building codes on pawn movement and block placement. But if you're "level-headed" enough to build, climb, block, and capture strategically, you'll reach the 5th level first!

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