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Kokkelimonke Jubileum
3 - 8 players
average 60 minutes
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Bluffing Humor Word Game Trivia
Voting Paper-and-Pencil

"Balderdash Double" is basically two games in one box; the Tactic editions of Beyond Balderdash and original Balderdash. Questions and answers have been shifted to the same side of the cards to make room for 5 words and definitions on the other side, to be played with the original Balderdash rules; one side of the board is exactly the same as in Tactic's previous version of Absolute/Beyond Balderdash, while the other side has simply 17 empty spaces and a start space for original Balderdash scoring. The spinner provided now has two sectored circles, one for use with Beyond/Absolute, the other with original. Includes 4800 questions. Re-implements: Balderdash Beyond Balderdash

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