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Legends of the Old West
2 - 8 players
average 45 minutes
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Fighting Miniatures American West Wargame
Dice Rolling Modular Board Variable Player Powers

LEGENDS OF THE OLD WEST is a tabletop miniatures game which allows you to bring to life the deeds of the brave lawmen and gunfighters of the most famous period in America's history. (from the Foundry webpage). This beautiful 136-page book lays out rules for gunfights (and bar fights and knife fights) using miniatures to represent the famous gunslingers of the old American West. Beyond the rules for combat, the book is really an invitation to start a light RPG compaign, evaluating each member of your potential gang and assigning a dollar value to keep him on retainer. So use your old railroad buildings to stage a gunfight or created an entire economic campaign pitting the ranchers against the sod-busters. All the tools are in this book. Like all Games Workshop books, there is plenty of eye candy and tips on painting and scenery. LotOW is proportedly based on Warhammer and Lord of the Rings tabletop battle game with Necromunda and Mordheim mixed in.

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