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2 - 6 players
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Economic Movies / TV / Radio theme
Set Collection Roll / Spin and Move

From the back of the box: The board game that challenges you to become television's newest and most talked-about mogul! The object is to build your media empire as you buy, sell, trade and produce prime time dramas, daytime soaps, news magazines, game shows and lots more . . . from the classics of early TV to today's hits such as ER, Friends, the Flinstones, Cops, 60 Minutes, MASH, Home Improvement, Sliders, etc Increase the value of your holdings as players land on your shows! Suffer setbacks from poor reviews! Collect big bucks when your shows go into syndication! Pay out costs when production is delayed! Attract advertising dollars when ratings go up! See what the future holds when you turn over a NEWS FLASH or RATINGS & RUMORS CARD! . . . All that and more awaits you as you face the ups and downs of the world's most exciting business! If you've got what it takes to make a name for yourself in television -- the most money, the highest rated shows and control of the board -- then you win TV*Opoly!

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