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2 - 4 players
average 90 minutes
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Word Game
Hand Management Tile Placement

Players take turns forming words on either an 8x8 matrix gameboard (in the current new classic version offered by Winning Moves) or on a 10x10 matrix gameboard (in the currently offered Hasbro Euro edition). Words may be formed horizontally or vertically on the grid, as in Scrabble, but as the title suggests the letters may also be stacked, so already-played words can be changed into different words by having letters stacked (up to a limit of 5 high). EXAMPLE: Change LATE to CATER and then change CATER to BELATED. Scoring is different from Scrabble; there are no prescribed letter values per tile; instead, when a new word is formed, the number of tiles used in that word is counted and used as the score as follows: A word that is flat (no stacked tiles) scores 2 points per tile, but the words that score the most are those that have many stacked tiles, with tiles underneath the spelled word also being counted. The impact of these rules provide for scoring-per-turn increasing as the game continues. Winning Moves classic 8x8 version: Hasbro Euro 10x10 version: August 2016 will have a new Hasbro version 10x10 game available in the United States. An app for UPWORDS play is available both for iphone and android devices, by Lonely Star Software, under license from Hasbro. Players can play alone, against an AI component of varying skill level, or against another player anywhere in the world. Hasbro is the worldwide licensee of UPWORDS rights from Rudell Design LLC. Upwords Deluxe has an 11 x 11 rotating grid, 121 tiles and 28 challenge tiles, and electronic timer.

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