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2 - 5 players
average 15 minutes
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Deduction Animals Spies/Secret Agents
Simultaneous Action Selection

A burglary has been committed and no less than 32 crocodiles are suspected. The central computer of the police will give some hints. Hippos and crocos cards will be placed in a square shape on the table, each of these pointing at a nearby suspect. The goal is to find the corresponding croco thanks to the initial hints along 5 criteria (sex, weight, color, glasses, hat). From then on, you must follow the thread of the successive deletions up until you find the guilty one: - the one who points outside of the square - the one pointing at someone who is pointing back at him or the first one to be pointed at twice (loop) - the original suspect if you go through a hippo card or if it is a card already won The first player to find the criminal must shout "Mr. "his name" you're under arrest". If he is right he keeps this card, if he is wrong he loses one of his cards. The first player to hold 3 cards wins.

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