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Pimp: The Backhanding
2 - 4 players
average 0 minutes
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Card Game Humor Mature / Adult
Dice Rolling Hand Management

From the publisher: Forget growing up to be a fireman, cop or doctor. Join the profession so highly regarded for its virtues — become a pimp! Mack some ho’s and put them to work. Make the biggest roll of dough and be declared the Mack-Daddy. Just watch out for other pimps as they try to put a beatdown on you and your ho’s. A ho in the hospital don’t earn you no dough! I’m Your Mack Daddy Now Pimp is a hilarious, stand-alone card game for two to four mature players. Rev up the chrome-caddy, dust off the purple suit and fedora, and make yourself some dough with the world’s oldest profession. 100 cards plus rules sheet. White Wolf Entertainment AB ISBN: 1-58846-624-8 Stock #: 5140 Enough strategy and variety to offer great repeat play value… But not so complex that you can’t play after too many beers or too few pretzels If you like being politically correct and never laughing, don’t buy this game A fast-playing, yet high-strategy game, ideal for after-hours game-nights Suggested for mature players.

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