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Jochen der Rochen
2 - 6 players
average 15 minutes
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Nautical Animals Children's Game Action / Dexterity

In short, Bambeleo for kids. Longer version, according to Frank Branham: "You have a circular dance floor that has been sabotaged by sawfish. You must jiggle the floor to make as many different colored (5 colors, 2 of each color) fish fall off without two fish of the same color or Ray the Stingray falling off. You can bail at any time, and score as many birthday cake pieces as the number of fish that came off the dance floor." "This particular dex game is obscenely simple to learn, fairly tricky to operate, and absolutely compulsive to play. It just look SO mind-numbingly stupid. Besides how can you knock a game about a Stingray's undersea birthday party?"

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