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Presidential Campaign
2 - 6 players
average 0 minutes
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Dice Rolling Roll / Spin and Move

This is a game for people who love rolling dice. Players roll dice to move around an outer (primaries) track, then an inner (election) track toward the final election space. A player who lands on an election space rolls 2d6 three times and collects a card if he gets 8+ twice. Land on Campaign, Power or Delegate and take a corresponding card. On a Power or Roll-Off square, the player can challenge an opponent for 1-2 matching cards; highest on 2D6 wins; defender wins ties. To move up to the Election track, the player must turn in 2 Election cards, 4 Campaign cards and 4 matching delegates (same party, all four regions). The player turns them all in and starts collecting again on the inner track. With another full set (delegates must be from the same party as before), the player gets to roll some more: he and the player with the most Delegate cards roll off 2D6 five times. If the player trying to get elected wins 3/5 rolls (opponent winning ties), he wins the game. Otherwise, he loses all his cards, stays on the Election track and starts collecting again.

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