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Drôles de Zèbres
average 23 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Bluffing Animals
Tile Placement

Drôles de Zèbres is a luck-free area-majority game for two players. The managers of the national park of Boku Bikini have had a great idea to attract tourists, who usually prefer more attractive destinations, like Kenya. At Boku Bikini, zebras are not white with black stripes, but black with white stripes... At least the tourists are convinced. Players have to create a wild animal reserve that brings out these strange zebras. Impala Jones, the reserve's director, asks two rangers (you and your opponent) to settle the six sectors of this natural park with crocodiles, lions, gazelles, elephants and zebras to attract tourists, but he decides the rough areas to be populated. The player who is able to attract the most tourists will be chosen to manage the reserve.

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