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2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game

With a weak Magic tie in this card game was part of the first wave of Wizards non-collectable card game releases. There are 5 suits (corresponding to the 5 colors in Magic) of cards and a host of special cards. 1. During your turn you first place all cards you had played in the previous round in the discard pile. 2. You then play a same suit set of cards (1 to 7) or a special card. 3.You then play a second set or a special card. 4. You then draw back up to 7 cards. When you play a set to the table you score how many cards you are playing times the number of the same suit, including the cards you just put down, that are on the table. The special cards allow you to wipe the table clean of cards, score 5 points, make as many plays as you want or allows you to draw 4 additional cards. First to score 100 points wins.

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