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2 - 5 players
average 45 minutes
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Bluffing Trivia

Players have to get rid of their cards to score victory points. Every card represents a time frame. For a given event every player plays a card to guess when that event has happened. The player with the widest time frame on his card now has to set a time frame according to his card in which in his opinion the event has happened. The player with the second widest time frame now can either challenge the previous players time frame or narrow the time frame according to his played card. When every player has either guessed a time frame or challenged another player the point of time the event has happened is announced. All the players with the point of time in their time frame and those who challenged another player's guess get rid of their played card. The first player to get rid of 5 cards wins the round and gets 2 victory points, the player with the most cards left gets no points, all others get 1 point.

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