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Famous Monsters
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Fantasy Miniatures Horror

From Sid Sacksons "A Gamut of Games": Humans enter young Dr. Frankenstein's castle in an attempt to rescue Elsa from an assorted group of monsters. All are represented by metal figures that can be decorated with supplied paints. A player takes the side of either the humans storming Frankenstein's Castle or the monsters inside. The human player's goal is to rescue Elsa, the fiancee of Karl the Hero. Karl is joined by Dr. Van Helsing, a police inspector, the burgermeister and a handful of villagers. The monster player's goal is of course to prevent them from doing so, by killing them or driving them off. Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster, along with respective brides join the Wolfman in defending the castle. Dr. Frankenstein and Ygor are conflicted occasionally switching from one side to the other, depending on the whims of fate. Contents: 15 metal miniatures (~25mm) 10 paints, including primer and matte coat 11x17 manila gameboard Rules (4 pages) Paint guide and character data (4 pages) Paintbrush 2 six-sided dice

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