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1 - 2 players
average 60 minutes
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Wargame Napoleonic

Lonato is a self-contained module covering the battles of Lonato, July 31 - August 4, 1796, using the downloadable rules for the Triumph and Glory (T&G) system, part of GMT Games' "Gameplayer's Series" which has playability as its main objective. The game scale is 75 minutes per turn. Each hex is 325 yards across. Each strength point is approximately 200 men for infantry, 150 men for cavalry and 4 guns for artillery. The game uses the activation marker mechanic to create uncertainty in initiative. This module appeared as part of RBM's C3i Magazine Nr 14, having Frederic Bey design the game with Richard Berg's (T&G) rule system. Thereafter Frederic created his own, adjusted and Richard approved rule system called "Jours de Gloire" Series (JdG), which can be downloaded from Frederic's homepage ( There are also rules to "transfer" the JdG-rules into playability and for "Lonato". SYSTEM: "Triumph & Glory" AND "Jours de Gloire" Series (JdG) - scale = 297 m/hex; - time = 75 min/GT; - strength = 200 men/SP.

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