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The Hardy Boys Mystery Game: The Secret of Thunder Mountain
2 - 4 players
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Deduction Children's Game Novel-based

Family game (Ages 7 - 14) for 2-4 players. Players race to solve their part of the mystery (Who? What? When? or Where?). From the box: In search of stolen gems, the Hardy Boys traveled to Thunder Mountain on their motorcycles. There they found pieces of evidence that helped them solve the robbery. Now you must gather your own pieces of evidence in order to win this game. It's exciting. Which player will be the first to discover WHO?, WHAT?, WHERE?, or WHEN? It's fast. Your playing piece is a motorcycle. With it you travel around the board trying to gather the pieces of evidence that you need. It's a game that involves some strategy. Being a detective tests your concentration and memory. Join the Hardy Boys in a new adventure. See if you, too, are able to solve the MYSTERY OF THUNDER MOUNTAIN.

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