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The Ladybug Game
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Humor Party Game Children's Game
Roll / Spin and Move

From the publisher: "The Ladybug Game is designed for interactive play between parents and children. Parents are encouraged to read a lively introductory story about the adventures of four ladybugs – Ella Yellow, Rickie Red, Tommy Teal and Olivia Orange. The object of the game is to help them find their way back home (a rosebush) after a windstorm launches them airborne and they land on a faraway dirt pile. The first ladybug to find her way “home” is the winner. Along the way, the ladybugs encounter various hazards such as tall grass, praying mantis’, aphids and ants. The Ladybug Game was invented by Kylie Copenhagen, a first grader in California who loves ladybugs."

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