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2 - 6 players
average 40 minutes
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Party Game Prehistoric Action / Dexterity
Simultaneous Action Selection

extrapolated from Bruno Faidutti's site: A dexterity with a little strategy type of game. "Long ago, it happenned that the great god Prewt suffered such gastric and intestinal troubles that there was a big noise, the rumble of thunder, the skies darkened and the great oak was struck by lightnings..." So the players are homo - not really sapiens, and hardly erectus - trying to build a monument in honor of the great Prewt. The scheme is simple: just pile up big stones. The ritual, however, may be complicated, when for example, you must put your stone with your left hand after passing it under your right leg, your nose on the table, with your neighbour's glasses. And, of course, it must not fall.

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