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2 - 4 players
average 105 minutes
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Fighting Mafia
Area Control / Area Influence Area Movement

extrapolated from the English translation of the rules. Chicago is played in a city in which the bars and casinos are being fought over. The winner is the person who succeeds at one of the following three goals, and can stay that way up through the end of a game phase. - The owner of 3 of the 4 casinos, - The owner of all 8 bars in the central square, - The owner of 5 thugs with 4 rings each. If no one manages to reach a goal by the end of the 24th turn, the winner is the player with the biggest fortune. The board shows a map with streets and buildings. Each Quarter has the same layout, with the central place in the middle of the board. Bars and Casinos: Each bar is a space. Each Quarter has a casino and 22 bars of different values but each Quarter has an overall value of 72,000. Players can use thugs to help control a Quarter A game of Chicago runs at most 4 phases (a-d). In each phase, there are 6 rounds. End of a phase: At the end of each set of 6 game turns, a phase ends. All players receive the value of bars and casinos they own. Each player counts the value of their buildings marked with their chips. The player then gets that value in cash. Game End: The game ends when a player has achieved one of the goals at the end of a phase. If the game makes it to the end of phase D, and no one has reached a goal, the game ends. Players receive income from bars and casinos, then the player with the most money wins. The value of thugs is added to cash on hand to determine the winner.

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