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Tyrannosaurus Rex
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Dice Animals Children's Game Prehistoric
Roll / Spin and Move

This is a Ludo-type game. Each player has 4 dinosaurs and has to get them around the board and home whilst avoiding a rampaging T-Rex. The winner is the first to get his 4 dinosaurs home. On each turn, a player throws 3 dice—two white and one black. He first moves the T-Rex forwards or backwards in an attempt to catch other players' dinosaurs. If they are caught, they have to go to the T-Rex's den. Once there, only a 6 can free them. The white dice can be added and one dinosaur moved, or can be used separately to move 2 dinosaurs. There are shorter and longer stretches of track, and a safe route through the swamp which the T-Rex may not enter.

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