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Humor Party Game Mature / Adult

A game that one probably doesn't admit to owning in public. Monogamy is a two player game meant for committed couples to get to know each other better. Some alcohol and your partner and you're ready to start. You move a playing piece around a board and land on squares which involve kissing, drinking, taking clothes off, or taking a card which asked the partner something about themselves or reveals something about you. Every time you complete the board once you move up a level and the questions, and the kissing become more intimate. The game starts slow and warms up very nicely. Not at all tacky although it gets quite exciting at the end! It is really good to find an adult game not aimed at large numbers of drunken party-goers but at improving the romance and sex-life of a committed couple. From the rule book: A Hot Affair will have you loving, laughing and lusting after each other with just a few throws of the die. It all begins with a loving gaze into each other's eyes. The last to blink throws the dice to start the game! As you progress round the board, the questions become more intimate & the challenges more steamy. Along the way, you'll experience new, exciting and occasionally hilarious challenges with stimulating, sexy and wild conversations. The game climaxes with the winner choosing to make real one of fifty breathtaking fantasies! A Hot Affair brings back the art of fun, laughter and lust through a game so neither of you needs to be the instigator. It really does lead to the feeling that you are having an affair... but with your partner! The other great thing about the game is it can be played on a number of different levels, depending on how you both feel. If you just feel like a romantic and fun night, you can play with the first two levels; if you are both feeling a little more romantic, just shuffle the fantasy cards and have fun! With over 400 ideas at three progressive levels and 50 scenarios, the game can be enjoyed over and over!

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