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Grand National Derby
2 - 5 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game Bluffing Racing Animals Sports

This is the precursor to Titan: the Arena and Galaxy: The Dark Ages. The theme is horses racing in a steeplechase. Each round represents a fence that the horses must jump. Players bet and then place speed cards on each horse. When all of the horses have a speed card on them, the one with the lowest speed card is eliminated. When there are three horses left (which happens after 5 rounds), the players are paid for their bets on the surviving horses. Earlier bets are worth more. The game in each case is essentially similar to Titan: the Arena except: - There are no special powers, nor special cards. - The deck goes to 0-9, not 0-10. - There are no secret bets. - In four or five player games, each player gets 4 bets. - If there is a tie for lowest card when a round ends, the tied horse furthest on the left is eliminated. (Play does NOT continue as it does in Titan: the Arena or G:tDA)

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