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Bunny Zick-Zack
2 - 6 players
average 15 minutes
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This Doris and Frank game is closely related to Eselsrennen. Differences are - only a one sided board which supports a three bunny (pawn) race. The mechanics are pretty much the same: Players are given a card secretly, each showing the bunny's finishing order, a different result for each card. The board shows a patchwork of steps across a field from start to finish, each space with a colored arrow matching the bunnies. When you move a bunny onto a space marked with a green arrow pointing left, you then move the green bunny one space that way. If that space then has a blue arrow pointing right, you next move the blue bunny on one space that way. This goes on until you cannot move the final bunny because it is blocked or it lands on a space of its own color. Eventually, the bunnies cross the finish line, and the player with the best matching result on their card wins. Funny and quick puzzle-racing game and one of the (if not the) first games published by Doris and Frank.

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