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4 - 7 players
average 30 minutes
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Fantasy Card Game Real-time
Set Collection Trading

Players are wizards collecting sets of ingredients each round. The best collection each round earns points to move the player forward. When the Magic Lightning card is turned up, the game ends and the highest score wins. Shuffles the ingredients and deal 10 to each player. In further rounds, each player will receive 5 additional cards. Once players have sorted their cards, the dealer turns up the top recipe card. This will show how many points the best collections receive this round. Immediately, the chaos of the round begins: Players simultaneously try to trade ingredients to make sets. Players must trade honestly. Examples: "I want 3 Blue Schlumse and offer a Faranblatt!" "I have a Weissbeere, but need a Silbergrass for it." "I'll sell my soul for a gold rose. What do you want?" (Most of the cards are different colors so actually English speakers need not employ the foreign words.)

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