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Imagem & Ação 2
4 - 16 players
average 60 minutes
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Dice Party Game
Partnerships Line Drawing

This game uses the same basic rules as Pictionary (released as Imagem & Ação 1 in Brazil) but this one have a "challenge dice" if and all players agree at the beginning of the match they can play with it. The dice have the following icons: a pencil (no challenge, the drawing is made as usually) , a hand holding a pencil (if right-handed the player must draw with his left hand and if left-handed he must draw with the right), a closed eye (the drawing must be done with the eyes closed), a line traced being a pencil (the player must draw without taking the pencil out of the paper) and a hand showing the number two (the player must do two drawings). NB Multiple English versions of Pictionary also have the Challenge Dice - see Pictionary: 15th Anniversary, Pictionary: 20th Anniversary and Pictionaussie

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