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3 - 8 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Party Game

To set up WINK, lay out an array of numbered cards on the table, then distribute a second set of matching cards face down among the players, with a few cards not used and set aside. On your first turn, pick one of the cards on the table that doesn't match a card in your hand, then mark it with your pawn and announce the number of this card. The player who has this card in hand must now try to discreetly wink at you in order to let you know. At the start of your next turn, accuse someone of holding the card on which your pawn sits. If you're correct, you score the card from the table while your temporary partner scores the card from their hand; if you're wrong, you turn the card on the table face down. In either case, you then place your pawn on a new card. Each player also has a number of accusation cards, and if you spot someone winking, you can use one of your cards to call out that player. If you nabbed someone correctly, you claim both of the numbered cards. Once all the table cards are face down or someone has scored all cards in hand, the game ends. Each scored card and unused accusation card is worth one point, and whoever has the most points wins!

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