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Playing With Pyramids
2 - 8 players
average 35 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Expansion for Base-game Book
Area Movement

Playing with Pyramids is a collection of rules for 12 games that can be played with the Icehouse pieces from Looney Labs. Several of these games were submitted by fans of Icehouse, designed for use with the pyramids. The games are mostly abstract, but the diversity of games included (analytical, inductive logic, dexterity, turn less, roll-and-move) means that most people will find something to interest them. Since this book's publication, many more games have been created and posted online. The book contains rules to the following games: Gnostica Homeworlds Icehouse IceTowers Martian Backgammon Martian Chess Pikemen RAMbots Thin Ice Volcano Zagami Zendo Expands: Icehouse

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