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Totally Awesome
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Action / Dexterity Memory Trivia
Point to Point Movement Memory Acting

From the publisher: Do you know which race car driver got his start as the national go-cart championship when he was eight? Or what chewy treat was originally called Blibber-Blubber? This game is full of the amazing accomplishments of athletes, scientists and even regular kids just like you! You'll even be called on to perform some fantastic feats yourself. Can you shimmy like a belly dancer? Hop on one foot? As you answer the questions, you'll race up a mountain. The unique magnetic game board gives this game its extreme edge. It's a confidence-building, fact-finding expedition! (The answers: Jeff Gordon and bubble gum!) Contents: 4 magnetic playing pieces 20 plastic flags Magnetic game board 110 fantastic feat cards, 110 totally awesome cards Instructions

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