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Wie ich die Welt sehe...
2 - 9 players
average 30 minutes
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From the publisher, Abacusspiele: Admittedly, there is a little bit of irony in the title. I might be able to see the world in a personal, social or fantasy way, but the seeds of these sights lie in the suggestions of the other players. The choice is, given the different opinions of my friends, is often difficult: "What gains particular importance inside a cathedral?" "A cry of desperation, 7000 cows, total chaos, Francine Jordi, McDonalds, Hopeless languishing, a glow-worm, animal transports across Europe, or Blonde jokes?" The answer "none of the above" is not permissible. In a pinch, I must choose the lesser of the evils. I can choose on a rational basis, a poetic, anything I want. But I have to take care: if I accidentally choose the card from the stack, I stand to lose points. The game consists of 112 'My World' cards as well as 392 "ES Cards", that allow continuously changing combinations. The game isn't to be taken that seriously, but a serious selection of the resulting odd combinations each round is required Integrates with: Neue Welten

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