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2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Dice Children's Game Educational
Dice Rolling Pattern Recognition

Quips is a game where you roll the dice and try to fill the holes in your game board with cylinders of different colours. There are two dice, one giving the colour and one giving the amount of cylinders you can take. Each player has a different game board with the same amount of holes but which require different numbers of each colour. text on box An exciting game of counting and matching colours. This is a colour matching game with a difference! The four sturdy boards have indented playing spaces; the game can be played with a coloured dice as well as an ordinary one, and there are four different ways of playing. In each variation of the game, players try to cover all the spaces on their board with wooden counters of the correct colour. By doing this, younger children will learn to recognize and name six colours. In one game, counters are kept in the bag and on ordinary dice is thrown to win them. In another game, counters are put in the box lid and players shake both dice. Whichever game they play, young children will have endless hours of fun.

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