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The Battle of Helm's Deep
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Wargame Novel-based

The Battle of Helm's Deep was a short siege in the early part of the campaign, when the forces of good were being driven back by the forces of evil. The men of Rohan under Theoden, their king, had fallen back to an ancient fortress in a narrow mountain gorge, closely pursued by the evil forces of Saruman, a traitorous magician. This game recreates the storming of the fortress on the night of March 3rd, 3019 of the Third Age of Middle Earth." 11" x 17" map with colored terrain using 7/8"hexes 15 Gold 5/8" thin die-cut Men of Rohan counters 13 Green 5/8" thin die-cut Man-Orcs counters 14 Blue 5/8" thin die-cut Dunlander counters Additional ladders and bombs 14 turns

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