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2 - 5 players
average 45 minutes
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Card Game Mafia
Auction/Bidding Press Your Luck

A card game re-implementation of Knizia's earlier board game Ra with the only notable changes being the re-theme and lack of catastrophes. This time players are mafiosi bidding for the booty stolen the previous night. Cars, jewels, and even whole nightclubs are for sale! Each round, players will take turns flipping over booty cards to see what is available for auction in this lot. Once a lot contains enough desirable items (or when a policeman card is revealed), players bid on the displayed items using the available cheques. The round ends when all the cheques have been spent, or when enough policemen arrive to raid the building and put an end to the illegal auction. Players then score points according to what cards they have accumulated - some cards are discarded after scoring, while others remain in that player's collection for the following rounds. Whoever has the highest score after the third round is declared the winner. The game comes with: 99 Booty cards 21 Policemen cards 16 Cheques 6 Scoring/Player aid cards 1 Board 1 Rule booklet

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