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1 - 7 players
average 195 minutes
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Science Fiction Fighting Horror Animals Educational
Variable Player Powers Role Playing Hex-and-Counter Simulation Cooperative Play

Insecta is a game of bug-to-bug conflict and combat. Players design a mutant bug team and with them attempt to escape from "The Hive," filled with real-world arthropods and controlled by an adversarial "Hivemaster" player (somewhat akin to a dungeonmaster). The game comes with 16 mutant bug displays (6 are "starting" displays, the others are swapped in as the bugs mutate), design cards, mapsheets, minature bugs and counters. A limited reissue of the game, The Mutant Kit, was published in 2000 without rubber bugs or Hive cards, creating a modular game system that could be combined with other expansions. Expanded by: Insecta: Rainforest Insecta: Trilobite Insecta: Desert Hive

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