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Ogre Bash
2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Fantasy Humor
Set Collection

Ogre Bash is a light, humorous set collection card game. Players attempt to collect one of six types of sets while having to pass, dumpster-dive, discard, exchange and steal cards. The cards are illustrated with black and white ogre cartoons, and the instructions on the cards are in "ogre-speak." Publisher Blurb: Ogre Bash is based on that time-honored Ogre tradition of standing around in a circle bashing each other on the head with clubs. The Ogre Bash card game is just like that, except for the bashing each other on the head part. When you play Ogre Bash, you're trying to get five cards either of the same kind or in one of the special winning sequences. The catch is, you need to have it at the start of your turn. Almost every time a card is played, you need to trade a card with another player, so although you may have a winning hand now, it may not be there when your turn comes around. Just kind of makes you want to bash an Ogre on the head, doesn't it?

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