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Kineti-Go Magnetic Shuffleboard
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Action / Dexterity

From the website: We are proud to introduce the first new game of the millennium, Kineti-Go. Your family will be amazed at the different angles, twists, turns and movements that naturally occur every time you play. The gist of the game is by using the exclusive "Shucker", you shoot magnetized pucks toward the designated point areas. The "Shucker" sends the pucks hurling down the specially crafted board at speeds reaching more than 50 miles per hour!! This makes for one of the most exciting and fast paced board games ever. The new old game that combines philosophies from Pool, Pinball, Shuffle Board, Curling and Black Jack all mixed up with magnetic pull to create a fast moving new board game that is sure to provide many hours of enjoyment. The homemade and well crafted board includes a magnetized "Shucker" to propel the puck down the board and magnets placed throughout the board to deflect and alter the course of the puck. Very fun and unique game.

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