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Spooky Stairs
2 - 4 players
average 15 minutes
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Fantasy Children's Game Memory
Roll / Spin and Move Memory

Things gets quite spooky on the "Spirit Stairs". There's a race in the old castle ruin, and the most courageous have the edge. The ghost lives at the top of the stairs. Being completely quiet, a few brave children dart up the stairs- everyone wants to be first to scare the ghost with a "BOOOO! ”But the ghost knows this age-old game and tries to transform the players into ghosts - one after the other one! Every turn players roll an enchanted die to see how fast they climb the stairs, if a player rolls a "ghost", he may place a ghost piece over another player's pawn. A magic magnetic field connects the two and the pawn disappears! Now the players must remember for the remainder of the game under which ghost their own figure is. If all players are transformed and another "ghost" rolled, two ghosts may be exchanged. Whoever can make it to the top of the stairs amidst the chaos wins. Ages 4 and up Expanded by: Flaschengeist 5 & 6 Player expansion

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