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3 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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Memory Trivia

Each person is at the outer ring of the gameboard, and must make one complete lap before entering the next section. Players advance by getting questions right in categories like "People," "Numbers," "Things You Should Know," and "Creatures." Get it right and you roll the die and move forward. Miss and everyone else gets a shot, so players get skipped quite often. Don't want to give up control? Use a blocking chip to get a new turn. The goal is to reach the Fireball in the center with no Challenge Cards. You must play these on other players to get rid of them. Each one has a tongue-twister, riddle, logic question, or tough knowledge bit on it. If they're wrong, discard the question, and the next person goes. If they are right, he or she gives you a card and you discard the played one. Black Hole cards are the comedy part of the game: when you land on one, have a person read it to you and do whatever the outcome is, after everyone is finished laughing. So it's a race to get rid of cards and get to the middle. If you still have cards when you get to the Fireball, YOU must answer all of your cards in a row without missing to win. 1997 Mensa Select

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