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Fab Fib
3 - 10 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game Bluffing

The night before the thousandth Moon, the Liar Folks gather under the Fraud Tree to elect the Great Fibber, who will be the keeper of their big treasure for the thousand Moons to come. Fab Fib encourages – nay, requires – you to lie if you want to stay in the game. Each card has a single digit (0-9) on it, and the starting player has three cards in hand. After looking at those cards, she presents a three-digit number to the other players; all the digits in this number must go from high to low, so 873 is okay but 783 is not. She then passes those cards to the next player, who can discard any number of cards from his hand, replace those cards with new ones from the deck, then present players with a larger three-digit number – a number that matches the cards he has in hand, of course. This continues until someone refuses to accept the cards being passed and calls out the previous player as a liar. Reveal the cards, and see who is correct. Whoever is wrong loses points equal to the number of symbols on the cards that were passed.

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