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Alphabet Zoop
1 - 2 players
average 15 minutes
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Card Game Word Game Children's Game Educational
Pattern Recognition

Four Fun-tastic Alphabet Card Games Developed by a team of educators for classic family fun! To play Monkey’s Uncle the dealer passes out all the cards. Everyone looks at their cards and places all matching cards face up. Players then take one of the remaining cards from the player on their left. If this new card makes a match, place the match face up on the table. If not, just add the card to your hand. Play continues until all cards are matched. The player left with the Joker/Gorilla Card is the "Monkeys Uncle". Now its time for Go-Go Gorilla! Separate the card deck by color giving one color to each team/player. At the word "Go!" each team/player races to put their cards in alphabetical order from A to Z. The first player to finish takes the Joker/Gorilla Card and yells "Go-Go Gorilla!" Two other game versions promise loads of fun. Ages 3 and up

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