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Squint Junior
3 - 8 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Children's Game

According to the publisher: "SQUINT JUNIOR brings the eye-opening fun of the award winning game, SQUINT, to the entire family. Picture this! Players use transparent shape cards to build simple pictures. Other players guess what the picture might be. Young players learn how pictures are created from shapes and improve their perception skills." Overview and Components: Squint Junior has 42 shape cards, which are transparent, so that they may be flipped and overlapped (unlike the 72 opaque shape cards of the ages 12+ version, Squint). Both versions include 168 word cards, but the Junior version has only one word per side as opposed to three randomly chosen words of varying difficulty. The Squint Junior cards also show a picture of the word made from the card shapes, so the child just finds the right cards and duplicates the image. For a Light version, the sand timer is not used, and for an Expert version, the player ignores the picture on the card and comes up with their own interpretation. Reimplements: Squint

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