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Stratego: The Lord of the Rings
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Abstract Strategy Fantasy Bluffing Wargame Deduction Movies / TV / Radio theme Novel-based Memory
Variable Player Powers Area Movement Memory Secret Unit Deployment

From the box back "Plot your strategy in this classic battlefield game! Characters from the Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy come together in this classic battle of good versus evil. Gandalf, Legolas, and Frodo and other forces of good stand side by side on the gameboard map as they face off against the Witch-king, Saruman, and Ringwraiths and the forces of evil. You and your opponent secretly place your army, strongholds, and flag on the gameboard. Now the battle begins. Move and attack cautiously for victory goes to the strongest. Capture the enemy's flag first and win! Three variations of gameplay. Gameboard, 40 gray pieces, 40 beige pieces, Label sheet, and Instructions."

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