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Top Secret
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Deduction Memory
Secret Unit Deployment Pick-up and Deliver

Players distribute "bags" that hold secrets and bombs across an abstract representation of the world (there really is nothing remotely resembling a map, but placenames are present connected by a series of paths). Players must move their agents about the board (die rolls determine the number of spaces) collecting these bags (briefcases) and returning them to their home-headquarters (corner spaces). The object is to bring 10 secrets back to your headquarters and at least one of the first three bags you bring back must belong to an enemy. Bombs force you to remove 1/2 of the number of agent pawns you have on the board, thus reducing your chances of recovering secrets. Was rethemed and slightly altered later by the author as Spion & Spion and In Teufels Küche.

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