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3 - 8 players
average 20 minutes
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Humor Party Game Animals Action / Dexterity
Memory Acting

From the publisher... Snorta! The wild game of moos, meows, and more! The Party Game where everyone is an animal...or at least sounds like one! Get ready for laughter as your friends and family suddenly start sounding like they were born in a barn!" In Snorta each player is given a plastic farm animal (cute cartoonishly-designed ones by John Kovalic). In a "sound-off" everyone makes their animal's sound, then hides it in their barn. All the animal cards are passed out. Each player quickly flips over cards into a face-up pile in front of them, going around the circle. When a card placed down matches one of the cards already on the table, those two players rush to say the animal sound of the other player. (You don't make the noise of the animal ON the card.) It's hard to remember everyone's animal under pressure, so this speed and memory game is lively and funny to play. If you say the other player's sound first, you give them all the cards you've flipped onto the table in front of you. They then add them to the bottom of their hand. The first person to get all the cards out of their hand is the winner.

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