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Armies of Oblivion: ASL Module 12
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Wargame World War II Expansion for Base-game
Modular Board Hex-and-Counter Simulation

(from MMP's website and user's description: Armies of Oblivion is the long-awaited module adding the Axis Minors order of battle to the Advanced Squad Leader tactical game system. Contents: 4 8"x22" geomorphic mapboards 48,49,50,51 [all editions] Overlays Hi8-Hi12, Rv1, Wd12, Wd34 [all editions] 6 Counter sheets [all editions] ASL Scenarios 111-121 [all editions], 27-34 [2nd edition only], 13 scenarios from ASL ANNUALS, ASL JOURNALS, and ACTION PACKS [2nd edition only] Axis Minor Chapter H pages (H143-H172) [all editions] Errata pages A51-A62; D21-D26; S27-S34 (Note that pages A51-A62 and D23-D26 were updated in HAKKAA PÄÄLLE!; these updated pages are also included here) [all editions] 2 SASL Axis Minor (Generation and Random Event) cards [all editions] Scenario List: [all editions]: 111 Balkan Sideshow, Szenttanas, Yugoslavia, 1941 112 Out of Cowardice, Senta, Yugoslavia, 1941 113 Liberating Bessarabia, Branzeni, Bessarabia, 1941 114 Cautious Crusaders, Lipovic, Ukraine 1941 115 Huns of Steel, Uriv, Russia, 1942 116 The Sixth Blow, Skopce, Poland, 1944 117 With Tigers On Their Tail, Saturnia, Galicia, 1944 118 Downsizing the Uprising, Vrutky, Slovakia, 1944 119 Ancient Feud, Cluj, Transylvania, 1944 120 Return to Sender, Nish, Serbia, 1944 121 End Station Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, 1945 [2nd edition only]: - from PARTISAN!: 27 The Liberation of Tulle 28 Ambush! 29 The Globus Raid 30 Sylvan Death 31 The Old Town 32 Subterranean Quarry 33 The Cossacks Are Coming 34 A New Kind of Foe - from ASL ANNUALS, ASL JOURNALS, and ACTION PACKS: A26 Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay A62 Paole Zion A81 They Fired on Odessa J48 Blood Enemies J83 Bloody Nose 122 Extracurricular Activity J107 Operation Schwarz J108 Danica Air J109 Break for Hungary J112 Prelude to Dying J129 Mountain Hunters AP45 Reaping Rewards AP49 Retrained and Rearmed (BGG original summarized description :) Twelfth module for Advanced Squad Leader system, adding Minor Axis (Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian) infantry, vehicles, and ordnance.

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