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2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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From the Game Box: Who plays Kwa-Dô? Spirited, Fun-loving players have been challenged by the historical beauty and design of Kwa-Dô for over 400 years! Kwa-Dô is an exciting, easy-to-learn matching game ideally suited for up to six players - ages 8 to 100+ years. Players capture points by "matching up" cards whose brightly patterend images reflect the seasons and months of the calendar year. There are 48 playing cards in the Kwa-Dô deck. Point cards consist of consist of colorful red and blue scrolls, wild birds and animals, and a mystical dragon. The dragon is the highest point card in the game. Players strive to “match” these valuable point cards during their turn, thus preventing opponents an opportunity to score. Most games can easily be played in less than an hour. An illustrated rule book and score pad are included with each game.

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